Welcome to the website of our small workshop. We hand-craft Mokume Gane and classic jewellery. Currently we do not have the resources to translate the entire site – but we speak English. You are welcome to send us email, give us a call or make an appointment in our studio.

We forge wedding rings in Mokume Gane.

Discover Mokume Gane jewellery in the making. We show you how we work with the ancient Japanese forging technique.

Take a look at some classic wedding rings from our small studio in Cologne.

We also work with Damascus steel. Here you can find some wedding rings made of precious metals and Damascus Steel.

Selection of wedding rings from Cologne

What is the forging technique Mokume Gane?

Mokume Gane stems from the ancient Japan and refers to metal with an organic texture resembling wood grain. The first step in manufacturing Mokume Gane is to weld several layers of different metals and alloys. We make use of a variety of different metals and alloys. On the one hand we use high-value metals such as yellow gold, rose gold and palladium, on the other hand we also work in silver an Shakudo. (Shakudo is a Japanese alloy consisting of cupper and 6% gold which oxidises black in air.) We produce these blanks for our Mokume Gane jewellery ourselves allowing us to manufacture Mokume Gaen jewellery according to your indivdual preferences. In the following we apply several techniques such as forging, etching and twisting the metal to create a variety of different patterns inside and on the surface of the jewellery. Mokume Gane offers a lot of possibilities to process combinations of different metals with various techniques. If you click on the menu "Mokume Gane technique" we show step for step how we manufacture a pair of Mokume Gane wedding rings. A characteristic feature of well-manufactured Mokume Gane rings is a continuous pattern.